40GB of data in roaming costs the same as a house

19 Nov

The tourists in countries like Spain, a typical touristic destination, have been shot in the foot for years with the kind of prices we have for roaming. It is wrong when you see people turning off the roaming at the airport before leaving the country, they would like to continue using their phones, tablets, PCs  but they will not do so if prices are this disproportionately high.

There is a great article in PC Pro, “40GB of data Costs the Same as a house” showing that the 40GB of data that typically is included in most of the home connectivity packages in Europe (unlimited broadband connection) can reach the cost of a luxury yacht or a house with three bedrooms if we download this same amount of data abroad with operators like Virgin Mobile or O2 for the UK costumers (anyhow for Germans, French, Americans or Japanese Roaming cost is quite similar).

There is some good news because the European government is going to place a ceiling price of 0.90 euros per megabyte in international traffic and 0.50 euros in 2014 compared with more than two euros today, but lets face it, modern communication are a hungry megabytes machines, in this days a regular person is consuming at least 100MB per day, that means from 22€ or 50€ per day, simply not enough.

If the voice roaming costs were never justified when we get to data traffic the question becomes irrational and absurd. Data is data, know no borders and neither stop at the customs, and pay data at the cost of gold just for moving from one network to another is simply unsustainable in this time in history. Fortunately we can have some solutions now, but this is still a practice without justification that we should directly qualify as a robbery.

Brought to you by tripNETer, the mobile internet solution for travelers in Spain


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