December in Spain

22 Nov

When december comes, everyone rejoice in Spain. Because, yes, it’s colder, but not that cold… and december means that festive days are coming.

The first festivity in Spain is “el día de la Constitución”.It recalls a referendum that was held in Spain on 6 December 1978 to decide on the adoption of a new constitution. The result was overwhelming support for the new constitution, with more than 88% voting in favour. This constitution lasts until today.

The second festivity in December is the immaculate conception. Since 1664 Spain celebrates this christian tradition.

This two festive days means one thing for the spaniards: PUENTE. That means bridge. That means a whole week vacations! Lots of people travel during this week and those who don’t, busy themselves fulling the spanish streets, starting to buy Christmas presents. Streets are already prepaired with Christmas lights and festive ambiance is everywhere already. So this week is a chance to enjoy a pre-Christmas in Spain if you want to stay during Christmas in your home country. If you do so, be sure you prepare your trip before you come!

Typical traditions in Spain during Christmas are the following:

1. Turrón: Spanish turrón may be roughly classified as:

  • Hard (the Alicante variety): A compact block of whole almonds in a brittle mass of eggs, honey and sugar; 64% almonds.
  • Soft (the Xixona variety): Similar but the almonds are reduced to a paste. The addition of oil makes the matrix more chewy and sticky; 60% almonds.

The most popular turrón in Spain comes from the city of Alicante.

2. Polvorones: this word comes from polvo, the Spanish word for dust. The polvorón is a type of heavy, soft and very crumbly Spanish shortbread made of flour, sugar, milk, and nuts. They are produced mostly in Andalusia, where there are about 70 factories in that are part of a syndicate that produces polvorones and mantecados. Actually, most of these factories are in one town, Estepa. The factories in Estepa produce about 20 million kilos (or nearly 45 million pounds) of Christmas sweets annually.

3. Reyes Magos: the three Wise men from the Bible are very important in spanish tradition. They are the “Santa Claus” for spanish kids, meaning that they bring the presents. The three wise men celebration is at the 6th of January, and the day before is full of parades which represent these Magi throwing presents to the children. The “Roscón de Reyes” is the typical breakfast the 6th of January. But that’s another story 🙂

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