Vodafone UK data Roaming in Spain

29 Nov

If you are a UK Vodafone user you may want to know how much cost the data roaming in Spain and compare it with some great alternatives available:

This is the official information from Vodafone UK homepage:

  • Europe – £1 a MB up to 5MB, then £5 for every 5MB after that
  • Rest of the world – £3 a MB up to 5MB, then £15 for every 5MB after that

So lets say for 100MB on a day you will spend with vodafone roaming: 

first 5 : MB £1 + other 95MB : £95 = £96

Lets see how much you will pay with a great alternative called tripNETer:

First 100MB : 5.99€ = £5.11 (additional MB 0€)

You save £90,89 that is 94% off, so if you want to save take a look of tripNEter before taking a trip to SPAIN.

Source: vodafone.co.uk and tripNETer.com

Brought to you by tripNETer, the mobile internet solution for travelers in Spain


2 Responses to “Vodafone UK data Roaming in Spain”


  1. Surfstick erfahrungen reviews tripNETer! | tripNETer - December 8, 2011

    […] On the review it is commented how big the difference between roaming costs and tripNETer is, as we already showed here (and here). […]

  2. Vodafone Spain will cut the “free” MB for Roaming in Europe | tripNETer - December 14, 2011

    […] 1 wont have those “free” MB of roaming in Europe, and must pay a regular price for the Data Roaming that goes up to 1€ per 100kb for some users. This new condition only gets worse every time and […]

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