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Roaming horror tales – Ms Whittle Wood paid £998.04 for just 114mb in Australia

12 Feb

Catherine Whittle Wood said : ive just been billed £998.04 FROM ORANGE for just 114mb in Australia and don’t know whot I can do about it, please someone help with adive.

tripNETer is with you Ms Whittle Wood, it is unfair what happened to you.
In a near future we will expand to other countries, and Australia may be one of them.

Roaming Horror Tales – Mr Morrison paid £1537 bill from orange for 400mb

12 Feb

Mr Boyd Morrison from the UK said : here is a eu cap on data roaming of 50 euro then u get cut off, but if you take out a bundle then this cap is removed. I ended up with a £1537 bill from orange for 400mb , this is just bad business.
The cap should remain and the data you get should be what you ordered.

tripNETer is with you Mr Morrison, if you come to Spain we will give you 50% on our service and you will pay 2,99€ (£2,5) per day for all MB you want to use!

T-Mobile: No reason to cut data charges VIDEO

5 Feb

T-Mobile: No reason to cut data charges VIDEO

The most illuminating comments came from T-Mobile strategist David Gannon, who said there was no business incentive for his company to cut its data-roaming rates, as there is no international regulator to make it do so