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Earth Hour 2012 @tripNETer

31 Mar

@tripNETer knows that we only have one planet. So we and you can make a little gesture to protect it. We will Participate in the world’s largest single campaign for the planet: Earth Hour 2012. It starts by turning off your lights for an hour at 8:30 pm on March 31, 2012 in a collective display of commitment to a better future for the planet.  Think what can be achieved when we all come together for a common cause.



EuroVegas: US tycoon plans to bring Sin City to Spain

29 Mar
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It’s the tourist attraction we’ve all been waiting for – a US tycoon has announced plans to build a ‘EuroVegas’ in Spain.

America’s eighth richest man, Sheldon Adelson, wants to build casinos, hotels and golf courses in either Barcelona or Madrid as part of a £14bn project to create a Spanish Sin City.

According to the Daily Mail, both cities are vying for the resort, with two sites in Madrid that each cover an area equivalent to 1000 football fields said to be in the running.

Adelson reportedly said that his company, Las Vegas Sands Corp., will decide by the summer which city to build in – if they reach a deal with Spanish authorities.

The casino mogul is said to want officials to bend the rules surrounding indoor smoking and high-rise buildings so that the ‘EuroVegas’ vision can be fully realised.

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Seeing Spain the medieval way

29 Mar

If you are coming to Spain forget fancy rides, you can feel like a Don Quijote character with this unique donkey ride!.

It is really funny and different to what people used to do in Spain, you can read the complete article here

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Women prefer to surf the internet rather than sex

29 Mar

We’ve read an interesting statement about internet:

Researchers asked men and women to look at a list of everyday activities and then choose the three things that they could not live without for a month.

Both men and women selected the internet and sleep as absolutely necessary to get by, but disagreed on the third essential.

While men chose sex, women instead opted for showers.

The study, carried out by Women at NBCU, supplies growing evidence that women are starting to outpace men when it comes to technology, traditionally a male interest. The organisation provides marketing and research advice to advertisers.

That’s an amazing conclusion and if that is true, tripNETer may be a VERY useful solution for women to satisfy their (internet) necesities while traveling to spain! As for men, sorry but we don’t have your solution, you may have to ask somewhere else…


Barcelona is the 16th most touristic city in the world

21 Mar
Barcelona is the 16th most touristic city in the world, that’s what people from Euromonitor International say. And the 5th most touristic in Europe.
Furthermore, it is the city with the biggest improvement of tourism in the old continent.
In 2010, more than 5 million foreign tourists came to see the magnificent city, a 15.6 more than in 2009. Another touristic cities in Europe are London, the most visited, followed by Paris, Istambul and Rome.
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….and tonight is it! Big night @ValenciaFallas2012

19 Mar

Tonight is the night all Valencianos are waiting for: La Cremà, where the Fallas will be burned down.

If you are there, send us your best shots!

Here are some interesting websites about Fallas:

and remember our two posts (this one and the other one).

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Valencia is on fire!

12 Mar

Remember our post about Valencia?

tripNETer was this weekend there! and wow, was it amazing…

we highly recommend it!


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Good experiences @ MWC2012

7 Mar

This year’s Mobile World Congress was a complete success for tripNETer. We completely sold out and we were lucky to had our service reviewed by many important technology bloggers.

The feedback was great and will help us improve our service.

here are some experiences from our clients:

The Nokia Blog reviews tripNETer

5 Mar

Mark Guim from the Nokia Blog tried tripNETer during his visit to the Mobile World Congress (MWC2012) at Barcelona and this is what he thinks about our service!

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