EuroVegas: US tycoon plans to bring Sin City to Spain

29 Mar
  • eurovegas-spain.jpg

It’s the tourist attraction we’ve all been waiting for – a US tycoon has announced plans to build a ‘EuroVegas’ in Spain.

America’s eighth richest man, Sheldon Adelson, wants to build casinos, hotels and golf courses in either Barcelona or Madrid as part of a £14bn project to create a Spanish Sin City.

According to the Daily Mail, both cities are vying for the resort, with two sites in Madrid that each cover an area equivalent to 1000 football fields said to be in the running.

Adelson reportedly said that his company, Las Vegas Sands Corp., will decide by the summer which city to build in – if they reach a deal with Spanish authorities.

The casino mogul is said to want officials to bend the rules surrounding indoor smoking and high-rise buildings so that the ‘EuroVegas’ vision can be fully realised.

Plans apparently include the construction of six casinos, 12 hotels, nine theatres and three golf courses, plus shopping centres, bars and restaurants.

And while some locals apparently aren’t too thrilled at the prospect of attracting prostitution and the mafia to their town, it’s good news for London-based hedonists – gambling, girls and a Hangover homage will lie just two hours away by plane.

Source: TNT magazine
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