tips to avoid mobile roaming ‘bill shock’

18 Apr

1. Understand the app

One of the first defence against a huge bill is to understand how an app works and often this means reading the app description before you download or the longer service agreement. This information usually tell you if there is additional charges down the road and how the app interacts with your phone,

For example Whatsapp is a low data eater and youtube is a high data eater.

So, If you really want to protect yourself, you really have to do it.

2. Research the app

Another suggestion avoid unplanned charges is to do some research before downloading any app. This can be done searching news stories or tech websites to see if a particular type of software has been the subject of complaints,

3. Check your usage

Another option to avoid hefty fees is to monitor your usage as closely as possible to watch for any unusual activity, Android 4.0 have a build in app that shows the data usage and you can add a limit usage. A number of providers offer updated information on how many minutes or gigabytes of data a person use. However, being reactive is the best way to prevent some unwanted fees,

4. Make a complaint

If you do end up getting a massive bill for seemingly unexplained charges, talk to your service provider. it is also recommended to fill a complaint with a customers organization

One possible solution is set a system where mobile providers notify customers when there is suspicious activity with their account, including a sudden increase in international data usage

4. use local internet SERVICES

There is also local Iinternet supplier for tourist like tripNETer that helps travelers in Spain who wants to stay connected during their trip without paying expensive roaming or expensive WIFI Hotspots at hotels or public places.


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