Oktoberfest Ole: the legendary German event but in April and in Valencia, Spain

21 Apr

Under the title Oktoberfest Ole! you can find the legendary German Oktoberfest but in April and at Valencia’s Plaza de Toros, is like the German one but with a Spanish character. The party will reflect the German gastronomic traditions and typical music, but expressing the Spanish holiday spirit.

From Thursday 19 April until Sunday 6 May, will be in Valencia this spectacular show, which has its origins in 1810  in Germany, with the wedding of Prince Louis I to Princess Therese of Saxe-Altenburg. 202 years after that is the most important festive event in Europe.

At the Oktoberfest Ole! you will find the most typical products of German gastronomy: frankfurters, pork knuckle, grilled ribs, Bavarian Emmental cheese, salads, delicious desserts, German cakes and of course the full range of beer from the Bavarian major brands. It will be complemented by live music: with an orchestra and some Guest DJs

If you will be arround Valencia, pass by and don’t forget to carry you tripNETer to share everything, don’t get lost and don’t miss anything around.


One Response to “Oktoberfest Ole: the legendary German event but in April and in Valencia, Spain”

  1. Melanie @ Thinking Thin Loving Food May 28, 2012 at 21:29 #

    Good to know. I didn’t know about this! Wunderbar ;). Hey thx for stopping by my blog! Viel Spass.

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