Free WiFi is more important than breakfast for hotel guests

25 Apr

The offer of free Wi-Fi is a determining factor when choosing a hotel even ahead of other services such as breakfast or free parking, according to a survey by has asked his guests to learn your preferences for services and amenities of a hotel.

Of the 415 respondents, most said that the availability of Wi-Fi in hotel accommodation weigh in your decision about which hotel to book. Thus, over a third (38 percent) recognized that the Internet service is a key when staying in a hotel, and even the 31 percent applied to become standard equipment in all hotels. After Wi-Fi the most valued services in the hotels are free breakfast (25 percent), the Free parking (18 percent), luxury mattress (9 percent), transport services (4 percent), a fitness center (3 percent), room service (2 percent), and the spa (1 percent).

It is interesting to note that in the event that the host has more than 60 years, the customer is more interested in the free breakfast (34 percent) than in the service of Wi-Fi (27 percent ). According to, 45 percent of respondents said that their favorite services in hotels are the happy hours tastings of wine or other activities that involve food and beverages. The survey also shows differences between women and men consider five-star amenities or luxury. So while women prefer toiletries (23 percent), men prefer the gym and spa (27 percent). The 66 percent of respondents said that never takes anything from hotels, but among the rest that does it more common than is usually incorporated into the suitcases are linen and towels (14 percent), magazines or books (12 percent), bathrobes (3 percent), and even a 2 percent ensures that have been the pillow.

Free Wi-Fi is quite rare in most of the 4 and 5 stars hotels in Spain and of course only work inside the hotel, thankfully exists services like tripNETer that offers inexpensive Portable Internet connection all over Spain.

thanks to ITnews


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