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A bite of Barcelona

9 Apr

Hello tripNETer followers,

As summer approaches in our sunny Spain, we would like to rescue this video of “City by City” where they show a bit of all the wonders that Barcelona (Spain) has to offer.

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We hope you like it.


Video review of the tripAdvisor android App

8 Apr

Here you can find a video review of the tripAdvisor android app.

We hope this app will be useful to make smart choices and save money on your next trip to Spain. And don’t forget!! it doesn’t work without internet but thankfully we have tripNETer.

tripNETer and tripAdvisor are really a time and money saver combination.

What a spanish “Señorita” can do for Indian travellers

6 Apr

It’s Senorita for Indians this summer.

Bollywood-crazy Indians are now going where the stars have been.

Six months after the release of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Spain continues to dominate the travel charts of Indian tourists. Travel agents and tour operators say there has been an over 20 per cent increase in bookings to Spain this summer, thanks to the popularity of the movie.

“Also many tourists coming to Spain have already visited other parts of Europe; they want to experience a new culture,” said Mr Manmeet Ahluwalia, Marketing Head, Expedia India.

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tripit one of the best apps for travelers

4 Apr

Hello guys, here @tripneter we keep showing all the essential travel apps, today we want to talk about TripIt, with this app installed in you smartphone or tablet you can have in the same place, the confirmation number, the botched hotel reservation, and many other important information. How to do that? you can forward all travel-related confirmation emails to a TripIt address and you’ll receive a day-by-day itinerary. send an email for a flight and your hotel and the app will generate driving directions from the airport to your lodging. Tap on  flight and you’ll get departure and arrival times, gates, terminals, flight duration, even the type of aircraft.

Having in the same place all the confirmation numbers and important information makes TripIt an essential travel app.

Available for: Android, iphone, ipad, blackberry and windows phone7
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Easter Week in Lorca

3 Apr

Foto de Juan Francisco Moreno / EFE  (

This fiesta is also known as the ‘Whites and the Blues’. Although there are other fraternities in Lorca, these two are the most important and there is a clear rivalry between them. The grand procession takes place in what is known as ‘La Carrera’. There are people dressed as Roman emperors, Egyptian troops, Roman gods in heavy carriages, chariots and on horseback, and sculptures of virgins with rich embroidered robes, luxurious standards, and so on. The standard of the ‘Prayer in the Garden’ (white), better known as ‘the floral cloth’, is noteworthy. The most highly anticipated floats include Cleopatra, carried on the shoulders of Egyptian troops, or the Antichrist, with its demonic appearance. There are also chariot races.

On Holy Thursday and Good Friday, the town is a splash of colour, gold and sliver in a Baroque procession where the Brotherhood (white and blue) try to be the best. The Whites gather round the Virgin of the Affliction, while the patron saint of the Blues is the Virgin of the Suffering. Easter week is one of the most spectacular and emotional fiestas here.

Religious devotion, art, colour and music combine in acts to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ: the processions. Members of the different Easter brotherhoods, dressed in their characteristic robes, parade through the streets carrying religious statues (pasos) to the sound of drums and music – scenes of sober beauty.

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tripadvisor the best travel app to use when you travel to Spain

2 Apr

If you are coming to Spain we recommend you to download to your Iphone, android, Ipad or table Tripadvisor that is the world’s largest travel site and was downloaded an average of 25 times per minute in January 2012 and after Google Earth, is the world’s most downloaded travel app,

TripAdvisor is also available in 20 languages, making TripAdvisor the global go-to resource for mobile travel planning.

TripAdvisor also have a new HTML5 cross-platform app for ipad and android available in the Android market and the Apple App store. This is a free app that features a clean and simple interface, making easy the search for travelers, letting them access the millions of reviews and opinions on TripAdvisor. with this app and the GPS on the mobile device the travelers can see all the places nearby and compare prices and reviews also can see a list of top ranked hotels, restaurants, attractions etc.

Also over 50 percent of travelers intend to use their phones to find hotels, attractions and restaurants with Near Me Now where travelers can quickly determine what hotels, restaurants, and attractions are nearby their current location.

Anyhow there is a problem because this app needs data connection and the roaming is always really expensive when you come to Spain, but thankfully you can find mobile Internet solutions like tripNETer that offers a affordable and portable Internet solution for travelers in Spain, if you want to know more visit.