tripNETer Road Trip stops in Santander

23 May

We were supossed to keep driving all along the inland for a few more days, but we we’re already missing the smell of the sea. And what a better sea than the fierce intense blue see of the north of Spain. So, we turned right in the next way out and drove direction Santander, the northern seaside city of Spain.

We left our car in the city center to give our eyes the chance to admire the majesty of the noble and royal buildings embraced by the Cantabrian Sea: like El Banco Vitalicio, Edificio de Correos, or Banco Mercantil.

Particularly remarkable is the imposing Royal Hotel, where we decided to drink tea and have some sweets in the Baroque Hall.

(Well, actually Kirsten Dunst wasn’t there)

A beautiful spot in Santander is also the Magdalena Peninsula. Once a gift to King Alfonso XII, today is a public parc and an international university. There’s one beach called the “Bikini Beach”. Back in the day, wearing bikinis was shocking for the spanish society, and this beach was famous because european tourists used to go there to sunbathe…in their bikinis.

There’s a mini-zoo there, and it’s for free. So if you like penguins and seals, I recommend you to go there.

 After trying to be penguins best friends, we thought it was time to find a place to sleep. A small town hotel, 15 minutes away from Santander, offered us bed. It was a rural hotel called “La Joyuca del Pas” and it was the perfect place to take a break from reality. Not for luxury lovers, it is the perfect play to stay near from Santander but also near from nature. And from cows.

Next stop will be Bilbao (maybe!). Stay tuned with the tripNETer Road Trip.

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One Response to “tripNETer Road Trip stops in Santander”

  1. spoonbeams May 24, 2012 at 03:13 #

    There’s always more to see in Spain! Thanks.

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