Places we love because of their madness. Part II.

2 Sep

Let’s finish the previous post with more of the craziest buildings ever built in spain.

Número Ocho: Ariane 5 at Sevilla’s Expo.

What is it: The Expo Sevilla 92 changed Sevilla completely. Sevilla has always been a traditional city and the Expo opened it to the world. Lots of beatiful buildings are still at the old Expo’s terrains, one of them this Ariane 5 exact copy. There’s no need to go to Cape Kennedy to see rockets!

What do we think when we look at it: ehm… the Ariane 5?


Número Nueve: Hungary’s pavilion at Sevilla.

What is it: The second Expo Sevilla’s building we’re showing you is Hungary’s Pavilion. It may not seem very strange compared to other buildings we are showing here, but for me, the mixture of ortodox church with modern building looks amazing, even more if you are in the warm city of Sevilla! I used to study in another building at the expo (most of them have been reused as universities), and walking near this pavilion always amazed me.

What do we think when we look at it: it reminds us Disney’s castle…sometimes. Sometimes not hehe.

Número Diez: Edificio Walden 7, Barcelona.

What is it: Architect Ricardo Bofil was given in 1970 green light to build an appartment complex with the new psicological an sociological theories from that time. Walden 7, as it was called, was supposed to satisfy the needs of the inmigrants that were coming from the countryside to the city to work in factories of the industrial city of Barcelona. This strange building with labyrinthic stairways and strange light games can be seen from a long distance as it is, as you may see in the picture, huge.

What do we think when we look at it: a honeycomb. Sort of.

Número Once: W Hotel, Barcelona.

What is it: A radically diferent work of Mr. Bofil is the W Hotel. The more exclusive hotel of the city, it also can be seen from any point of Barcelona’s beaches, which makes me think of megalomany. But it is a beautiful building, after all.

What do we think when we look at it: Well we don’t need to be geniuses to find the resemblance to a sailboat…

Número Doce: La Pedrera, Barcelona

What is it: Casa Mila, also known as la Pedrera, is a building in Barcelona’s Paseo de Gracia designed and built by Gaudí in the early 20th century. On the outside is full of rock-like material which gives it a very peculiar appearance. The terrace is also very famous and open to visits with its helmeted chimneys.

What do we think when we look at it: A mountain. Or a cliff!


Número Once: Bodega Marqués de Riscal, La Rioja.

What is it: Guggenheim’s little cousin. It seems the owners of this winery made an undecent amount of money, so they called Frank Ghery and asked him to make some of his magic. This is the result.

What do we think when we look at it: It’s like when you are wrapping your sandwich in tinfoil, and your sandwich has beet and everything is purple because of it.

We hope you enjoyed our selection. We know there are lots more, feel free to send us a recommendation or leave your opinion at the comments, if we have enough suggestions, we will do a PART THREE!


One Response to “Places we love because of their madness. Part II.”

  1. Animalcouriers September 2, 2012 at 16:49 #

    Even more places we HAVE to visit! Have certainly caught all the Gaudi but there are so many wonderful buildings here.

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