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Spain Champion of the Euro 2012 final! .. again

1 Jul

Congratulations to Spain, they have become the first team to win 3 straight major titles & the first to win back-to-back EURO titles.


tripNETer “NET SURFER” service Speed test

1 Jul

Hi Guys, this is the speed test of the tripNETer’s NET SURFER service :

We hope this video was useful.

This and soon more tripNETer test available on:

10+1 tips for saving on data roaming while overseas

27 Apr

Keeping in touch with people back home doesn’t have to break the bank when you are abroad.  But chances are if you don’t plan ahead, tapping into local phone networks when you’re on the road can cost you a bundle, especially when you are overseas.

1. Call your service provider
CTIA The Wireless Association recommends that you first contact your current service provider to verify that your phone will have service in your travel destination, as countries use different mobile phone networks. You may be able to make calls while traveling, but data and text messaging services may be unavailable, so get the right information before assuming your phone will work while you are abroad.

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Are you taking your iphone in you next trip to Spain? Be careful to avoid big data roaming bills

26 Apr


You may have read about the stories of massive mobile data roaming charges – where iPhone users have accrued thousands of dollars on their mobile bills just by browsing the internet or downloading a few files or email attachments.

Data Roaming describes the use of your mobile phone on another network abroad for a short period, while still being billed by your existing provider.

What uses data on my iPhone?

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Labtrip, your own and custom travel guide!

25 Apr

If you are a travel lover, you will be aware that everything must be well-organized: transport, accommodation, tourist routes, places to eat, to party …. a real mess!! Labtrip is an app that intends to help in this task, taking together in one place all the plans for the next traveling days.

 Once you have set you own account, just have to choose the destination city and dates to start organizing the trip in categories, putting together all the different content providers, your own and friends information and after that you will get a unique own custom travel guide!

Labtrip also offers exclusive discounts for reservation made on their system, making the proposal more attractive. Once is created your own guide, you can download it to your smartphone or tablet with the IOS and Android app. It worth to give it a try!

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Free WiFi is more important than breakfast for hotel guests

25 Apr

The offer of free Wi-Fi is a determining factor when choosing a hotel even ahead of other services such as breakfast or free parking, according to a survey by has asked his guests to learn your preferences for services and amenities of a hotel.

Of the 415 respondents, most said that the availability of Wi-Fi in hotel accommodation weigh in your decision about which hotel to book. Thus, over a third (38 percent) recognized that the Internet service is a key when staying in a hotel, and even the 31 percent applied to become standard equipment in all hotels. After Wi-Fi the most valued services in the hotels are free breakfast (25 percent), the Free parking (18 percent), luxury mattress (9 percent), transport services (4 percent), a fitness center (3 percent), room service (2 percent), and the spa (1 percent).

It is interesting to note that in the event that the host has more than 60 years, the customer is more interested in the free breakfast (34 percent) than in the service of Wi-Fi (27 percent ). According to, 45 percent of respondents said that their favorite services in hotels are the happy hours tastings of wine or other activities that involve food and beverages. The survey also shows differences between women and men consider five-star amenities or luxury. So while women prefer toiletries (23 percent), men prefer the gym and spa (27 percent). The 66 percent of respondents said that never takes anything from hotels, but among the rest that does it more common than is usually incorporated into the suitcases are linen and towels (14 percent), magazines or books (12 percent), bathrobes (3 percent), and even a 2 percent ensures that have been the pillow.

Free Wi-Fi is quite rare in most of the 4 and 5 stars hotels in Spain and of course only work inside the hotel, thankfully exists services like tripNETer that offers inexpensive Portable Internet connection all over Spain.

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Costa del Sol App for Android and Iphone

24 Apr

In Europe it is spring and the Costa del Sol launch a new smartphone application that offers a comprehensive guide to tourism in the area.

The tourist information in the uses Geo localitation and augmented reality.

In the application you can find more than 1,000 references. It propose routes that can be followed by foot, by car or bicycle and gives relevant information about hotel, restaurants and attractions, also you can find ATMs near to you.

The application “Costa del Sol-Malaga” is available free for both iPhone and Android systems.

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Oktoberfest Ole: the legendary German event but in April and in Valencia, Spain

21 Apr

Under the title Oktoberfest Ole! you can find the legendary German Oktoberfest but in April and at Valencia’s Plaza de Toros, is like the German one but with a Spanish character. The party will reflect the German gastronomic traditions and typical music, but expressing the Spanish holiday spirit.

From Thursday 19 April until Sunday 6 May, will be in Valencia this spectacular show, which has its origins in 1810  in Germany, with the wedding of Prince Louis I to Princess Therese of Saxe-Altenburg. 202 years after that is the most important festive event in Europe.

At the Oktoberfest Ole! you will find the most typical products of German gastronomy: frankfurters, pork knuckle, grilled ribs, Bavarian Emmental cheese, salads, delicious desserts, German cakes and of course the full range of beer from the Bavarian major brands. It will be complemented by live music: with an orchestra and some Guest DJs

If you will be arround Valencia, pass by and don’t forget to carry you tripNETer to share everything, don’t get lost and don’t miss anything around.

tips to avoid mobile roaming ‘bill shock’

18 Apr

1. Understand the app

One of the first defence against a huge bill is to understand how an app works and often this means reading the app description before you download or the longer service agreement. This information usually tell you if there is additional charges down the road and how the app interacts with your phone,

For example Whatsapp is a low data eater and youtube is a high data eater.

So, If you really want to protect yourself, you really have to do it.

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VIDEO: Ibiza, the famous Spanish Island

14 Apr

Ibiza is an Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea and part of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands, Spain.

The ibiza island is very famous throughout the world for its nightclubs, which attractmany tourists but also for its great mediterranean architectonic and its beaches . Among the most famous clubs includes Pacha, Privilege Ibiza, Amnesia, Space, Café del Mar and is Paradís.


Here a shot video about what Ibiza offers to the travelers:

Thanks to Whatchmojo
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