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T.G.I.F: Boat trip in Cadiz

2 Nov

Every Friday, celebrating that the weekend comes, we are going to introduce you to alternative and original spots and locations in Spain to enjoy during the weekend.

It seems that we are having the last warm days before winter, so today could be a perfect day to visit El Puerto de Santa María and Cádiz, and to enjoy a beautiful boat trip between the cities.

Cádiz Bay lives very close to the sea and works as a guiding thread, essential to understand people and towns of the Europe’s south peak.

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Tadeo Jones, the latest spanish animation movie.

3 Sep

Last week, Tadeo Jones aka Tad, the lost explorer, made his debut at the big screen with very good numbers, at least in Spain.

That reminds us of Planet 51, another spanish animation movie with international aspirations.

This is, in our opinion, a sign of the good health of spanish animation studios, beside the already famous almodovar-like spanish cinema.

More information here (spanish)


Have you watched it? did you like it? leave your opinion at the comments!

Places we love because of their madness. Part II.

2 Sep

Let’s finish the previous post with more of the craziest buildings ever built in spain.

Número Ocho: Ariane 5 at Sevilla’s Expo.

What is it: The Expo Sevilla 92 changed Sevilla completely. Sevilla has always been a traditional city and the Expo opened it to the world. Lots of beatiful buildings are still at the old Expo’s terrains, one of them this Ariane 5 exact copy. There’s no need to go to Cape Kennedy to see rockets!

What do we think when we look at it: ehm… the Ariane 5?


Número Nueve: Hungary’s pavilion at Sevilla.

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How to spoil historical paintings aka El Cristo de Borja.

22 Aug

Today this was big news in Spain: an 80-year-old woman in Borja, Zaragoza, decided the local Church’s 19th century fresco needed a restoration.

The “before and after” image is…better see it yourself.

Of course it was TT in Spain and many other “restorations” can be found on the internet. There is even a FB fan group of “Cecilia, Borja’s Christ restorer”

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tripNETer was in BizBarcelona

18 Jun

tripNETer was last week in BizBarcelona, the enterpreneurship meeting fair!

We enjoyed it a lot, there was a lot of networking (we even took part of a Speed Networking!) and lots to learn: conferences, enterpreneurs meetings…

The CINC actually used two tripNETer devices to stay connected full time and without limits.

Anyone has also been there? tell us in the comments! posted tripNETer as a smart way to avoid roaming!

24 Apr, an economical blog about crisis, posted his opinion about tripNETer, highlighting that is a very useful an interesting solution, according to his experience.

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Women prefer to surf the internet rather than sex

29 Mar

We’ve read an interesting statement about internet:

Researchers asked men and women to look at a list of everyday activities and then choose the three things that they could not live without for a month.

Both men and women selected the internet and sleep as absolutely necessary to get by, but disagreed on the third essential.

While men chose sex, women instead opted for showers.

The study, carried out by Women at NBCU, supplies growing evidence that women are starting to outpace men when it comes to technology, traditionally a male interest. The organisation provides marketing and research advice to advertisers.

That’s an amazing conclusion and if that is true, tripNETer may be a VERY useful solution for women to satisfy their (internet) necesities while traveling to spain! As for men, sorry but we don’t have your solution, you may have to ask somewhere else…


Barcelona is the 16th most touristic city in the world

21 Mar
Barcelona is the 16th most touristic city in the world, that’s what people from Euromonitor International say. And the 5th most touristic in Europe.
Furthermore, it is the city with the biggest improvement of tourism in the old continent.
In 2010, more than 5 million foreign tourists came to see the magnificent city, a 15.6 more than in 2009. Another touristic cities in Europe are London, the most visited, followed by Paris, Istambul and Rome.
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….and tonight is it! Big night @ValenciaFallas2012

19 Mar

Tonight is the night all Valencianos are waiting for: La Cremà, where the Fallas will be burned down.

If you are there, send us your best shots!

Here are some interesting websites about Fallas:

and remember our two posts (this one and the other one).

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Valencia is on fire!

12 Mar

Remember our post about Valencia?

tripNETer was this weekend there! and wow, was it amazing…

we highly recommend it!


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