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Labtrip, your own and custom travel guide!

25 Apr

If you are a travel lover, you will be aware that everything must be well-organized: transport, accommodation, tourist routes, places to eat, to party …. a real mess!! Labtrip is an app that intends to help in this task, taking together in one place all the plans for the next traveling days.

 Once you have set you own account, just have to choose the destination city and dates to start organizing the trip in categories, putting together all the different content providers, your own and friends information and after that you will get a unique own custom travel guide!

Labtrip also offers exclusive discounts for reservation made on their system, making the proposal more attractive. Once is created your own guide, you can download it to your smartphone or tablet with the IOS and Android app. It worth to give it a try!

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tripadvisor the best travel app to use when you travel to Spain

2 Apr

If you are coming to Spain we recommend you to download to your Iphone, android, Ipad or table Tripadvisor that is the world’s largest travel site and was downloaded an average of 25 times per minute in January 2012 and after Google Earth, is the world’s most downloaded travel app,

TripAdvisor is also available in 20 languages, making TripAdvisor the global go-to resource for mobile travel planning.

TripAdvisor also have a new HTML5 cross-platform app for ipad and android available in the Android market and the Apple App store. This is a free app that features a clean and simple interface, making easy the search for travelers, letting them access the millions of reviews and opinions on TripAdvisor. with this app and the GPS on the mobile device the travelers can see all the places nearby and compare prices and reviews also can see a list of top ranked hotels, restaurants, attractions etc.

Also over 50 percent of travelers intend to use their phones to find hotels, attractions and restaurants with Near Me Now where travelers can quickly determine what hotels, restaurants, and attractions are nearby their current location.

Anyhow there is a problem because this app needs data connection and the roaming is always really expensive when you come to Spain, but thankfully you can find mobile Internet solutions like tripNETer that offers a affordable and portable Internet solution for travelers in Spain, if you want to know more visit.