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Vodafone Spain will cut the “free” MB for Roaming in Europe

14 Dec

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A month ago Vodafone launched an important announce called “Commitment Vodafone”, which intended to “win the confidence” of the client by eliminating the “small asterisk footnotes”, not to limit the proposals, but to reinforce the message.

It only took 30 days to see the first asterisk and worser condition in their most expensive talk and surf plans that included 50MB or 250MB of “free” roaming navigation (Per month) within europe. Is still expensive if you compare it with tripNEter that offers unlimited MB per day for only 5,99€ all over Spain, but it was something.

Now any spanish user that activates their plans after december 1 wont have those “free” MB of roaming in Europe, and must pay a regular price for the Data Roaming that goes up to 1€ per 100kb for some users.
This new condition only gets worse every time and the roaming rates goes in the opposite direction to the technology advance and more consuming apps and pages we are getting used to.

source: xataka móvil


Vodafone UK data Roaming in Spain

29 Nov

If you are a UK Vodafone user you may want to know how much cost the data roaming in Spain and compare it with some great alternatives available:

This is the official information from Vodafone UK homepage:

  • Europe – £1 a MB up to 5MB, then £5 for every 5MB after that
  • Rest of the world – £3 a MB up to 5MB, then £15 for every 5MB after that

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40GB of data in roaming costs the same as a house

19 Nov

The tourists in countries like Spain, a typical touristic destination, have been shot in the foot for years with the kind of prices we have for roaming. It is wrong when you see people turning off the roaming at the airport before leaving the country, they would like to continue using their phones, tablets, PCs  but they will not do so if prices are this disproportionately high.

There is a great article in PC Pro, “40GB of data Costs the Same as a house” showing that the 40GB of data that typically is included in most of the home connectivity packages in Europe (unlimited broadband connection) can reach the cost of a luxury yacht or a house with three bedrooms if we download this same amount of data abroad with operators like Virgin Mobile or O2 for the UK costumers (anyhow for Germans, French, Americans or Japanese Roaming cost is quite similar).

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